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Silent Solar

Noise barrier doubling as solar power plant

Thanks to Forster’s cap elements, noise barriers can make a double contribution to environmental protection: the noise-absorbing panels act as a screen against the noise and simultaneously as a support structure for an environmentally friendly source of energy.

Forster’s FONOCON Silent Solar system is ideal for retrofitting photovoltaic modules to existing noise barriers as well as designing newly constructed noise barriers to serve as solar power plants.

The benefits of FONOCON Silent Solar:

  • Double action: highly absorbing noise control plus energy generation
  • No further land consumption
  • Can be retrofitted –the screening rate remains unaffected due to its highly absorbent surface
  • Cost savings from implementing a photovoltaic project
  • Easy installation of solar modules
  • Compatible with all photovoltaic modules currently on the market
  • Simple cabling on integrated cable trays
  • Discretionary placing of elements

Generating electricity from the noise barrier

The sun is still our most powerful source of energy – FONOCON Silent Solar allows us to tap this source without consuming more land.

Economical, practical, robust

As a particularly resilient system that is low on maintenance requirements, FONOCON Silent Solar is of great practical use, not least thanks to the easy access it offers for annual inspections (RVS 130371). Its benefits persuaded an independent jury to rank FONOCON Silent Solar among the winners of a challenge issued by ASFINAG, the Austrian publicly owned road corporation, on the IÖB innovation platform. Read more about the challenge in our Forster Aktuell issue 1/2021.

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