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Data secrecy - Application

Data Protection Guidelines for Job Applications with the Forster Group

Responsible handling of your personal data is a major concern for the Forster Group.

1. General
Your electronic job application will be processed in accordance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR) and the Austrian Data Protection Act (DSG), each as amended.
We require your express consent to process any personal data you send us in the course of your job application. 

For the General Data Protection Statement see here.

2. Statement of consent
I voluntarily make available to the Forster Group my personal data on the Forster electronic job application site. These data will be processed (recorded, saved and stored) solely for the purpose of processing my job application.

Processing will be made with a view to establishing an employment relationship, evaluating the work and personal skills and the provision of information on job and career opportunities.

In my capacity of applicant and user of the electronic application site I herewith consent to being contacted by the method specified by me. 
I expressly agree that my personal data as described above will be sent to other members of the Forster Group for the purpose of processing my application. 

3. Data access, data handling and data security
Your personal data will be accessed by persons within the Forster Group who are responsible for hiring. 
I herewith consent that the information obtained from my application will be stored beyond the end of my application process in order to check and inform me if any current or future job position might be suitable for me.

This consent may be revoked by me in writing at any time. My revocation will not affect the legality of the processing until such revocation.
Your data will be protected against any unauthorised access. 

4. Rights to protect personal data
You have the right to be informed, to have your personal data corrected or deleted and to object to the further use of your personal data as provided for in the GDPR. 

The Forster Group is responsible for data use. 
For any enquiries please contact datenschutz@forster.at

Your personal data will not be used for marketing or advertising purposes. By clicking on the button you consent to the above. Your consent will be filed.


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