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Outdoor signs

Monument signs

The first representative of your company.

Monument signs are the first representative of your company that visitors meet, signalling vital information and helping them to find their way. Our Combiflex CF 60 system has a practical solution for all your requirements. Also a tactile signage is available as raised characters or as Braille.

Monument sign Haubi

COMBIFLEX CF60-D - modular structure

Our modular Combiflex CF 60 system consists of a basic design with two internal uprights for lateral support. In this way, inserts such as showcases or LED displays can be integrated flush with the surface. Signs can rise to a height of 6960 mm. Panels are flat or arched and come in three sizes.

Smart Pylon

An NFC chip integrated in the monument sign enables visitors to directly interact with the sign. Moreover, handling the NFC technology is extremely easy and intuitive.

NFC advantages
Monument sign Seisenbacher

COMBIFLEX CF60-P - continuously inscribed

This version of the Combiflex CF 60 is available with or without illumination. It can be customised to your requirements by foil letters or digitally imprinted inscriptions. Monument signs with full-height illumination come in four widths and a maximum height of 4700 mm.

Internally illuminated monument signs/LED

Internally illuminated monument signs of our Combiflex CF 60 line really stand out against a dark background, when they start to light up. Depending on where you want the focus of the sign, the illumination can be concentrated on some panels or comprise the entire sign.

One option would be to back laser-cut panels with coloured acrylic glass or make them of acrylic glass throughout. It goes without saying that the design complies with all criteria required for outdoor use.

In this way, advertising vehicles can be designed that impact around the clock. Moreover, LED lights for monument signs can be retrofitted at any time.

Internally illuminated monument sign

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